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LaBarre touts Cuban inventory in midst of embargo discussion

The trending topic of President Barack Obama's plan to reopen diplomatic and possibly economic relations with Cuba has, not surprisngly, become an opening for some Cuban numismatic promotion. 

George H. LaBarre Galleries in Hollis, N.H., sent out a release Thursday featuring links to pictures of and information about dozens of Cuban paper money items.

Read more about what numismatists are saying about the Cuba policy developments here.

Below is the full release along with the links to Cuban items:

Looks like it will be a very happy holidays. As you may already know, Pope Francis gave an appeal to both Cuban President Raul Castro and President Obama to "strengthen their bilateral relations and promote the well-being of their respective citizens," the official statement said. The Pope was the only foreign leader directly involved in the talks. Quite an amazing time we live in.

Here are some wonderful Cuban items for your consideration. Email or call anytime. Click on any item for larger images.....

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