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Korean silver medals highlight mythology

New silver medals from South Korea celebrate Scrofa, a mythological figure.

Images courtesy of American Precious Metals Exchange.

South Korea has issued a series of silver medals for a few years now to highlight the mythological creatures and stories from its culture.

The latest entry in the country’s ZI:SIN series is a 1-ounce silver round featuring the guardian Scrofa.

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ZI:SIN are the Twelve Guardians assigned to protect 12 directions. In the legend, they protect the world against evil forces from 12 directions at all times. This issue features Scrofa, who can duplicate herself to fight against demons.

These 1-ounce .999 fine silver rounds are minted at KOMSCO, the national mint of South Korea, with a limited mintage of 40,000 pieces.

The obverse carries the shield of Chiwoo Cheonwang above a latent security feature and KOMSCO logo. Around the shield is the date, fineness, and the term 1-CLAY, which is not a denomination but a marketing term KOMSCO created to describe the pieces in this series of rounds, and REPUBLIC OF KOREA.

The reverse depicts the guardian Scrofa in military dress.

A second version, with an addition to the basic design, has also been released.

This “Scrofa Ghost” medal highlights Scrofa’s power to duplicate herself, and features the guardian Scrofa in military dress along with a hooded “ghost” version of herself behind her.

That round is limited to a mintage of 10,000 pieces. 

The basic version sells at a bullion-related price, carrying a premium but based on the precious metal value of the silver when it is sold. 

Single medals are in individual protective packaging, and multiples of 25 are packaged in mint tubes.

American Precious Metals Exchange carries the medals in North America. For full details, visit the distributor website

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