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Kazakhstan continues annual space coin series

The latest annual circulating 50-tenge coin from Kazakhstan to celebrate its achievements in space exploration honors the Venera spacecraft.

Coin image, Coin World photography by Ray Wilder.

The former Soviet nation of Kazakhstan continues its annual series of circulating 50-tenge coins highlighting its role in the Russian exploration program.

The 2015 coin, which was released Dec. 25, commemorates the June 14, 1975, Venera 10 mission to Venus. 

The 2014 version, released Aug. 7, 2015, features the Buran space shuttle. 

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Coin dealer Joel Anderson has recently obtained examples of both coins.

The reverse of the 2015 coin depicts the Venera spacecraft, which consisted of an orbiter and a probe that landed on the surface of Venus, sending back pictures and data. 

Buran completed one unmanned orbital flight in 1988, launching from and landing at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan (which has been home to all of Russia’s space travel over the decades). 

The Buran program was discontinued after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. 

The spacecraft was destroyed when the hanger in which it was stored at the Baikonur Cosmodrome collapsed in 2002 due to improper maintenance. 

The obverse of both coins features the “star man,” symbolizing the unity of human beings with the world and the connection between the past and present. 

The Uncirculated copper-nickel coins have a 31-millimeter diameter and a mintage of 100,000 pieces each.

Anderson offers either coin for $4 U.S., plus $4 U.S. per order for shipping and handling.

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