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Just three denominations so far for Series 2017 notes

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s January Production Report reveals that only three denominations of Federal Reserve notes, $1, $10, and $20, are being printed so far with the Series 2017 designation and bearing the facsimile signatures of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Treasurer Jovita Carranza.

Of the three, only the $20 note has been produced for each of the 12 Federal Reserve districts. The Washington facility printed notes for all districts except for the St. Louis and San Francisco districts. Issues for Dallas have been printed at both the Washington and Fort Worth, Texas, facilities. Star notes were made in Washington for New York, Cleveland, Kansas City, and Dallas. 

The Fort Worth plant has so far printed the $20 star notes for only the San Francisco district. 

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It is too early to make estimates of rarity, but the lowest printing so far is the 25,600,000 St. Louis $20 notes printed in Fort Worth only in June 2018. 

Notes printed at the Texas plant are distinguished by the presence of a small FW facility mark in front of the face-plate number.

The number of $10 notes printed is relatively small, with no issues yet for Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas. Star $10 notes exist only for Minneapolis, Kansas City, and San Francisco. Printing is being done at both facilities.

The serial numbers on all $10 and $20 are preceded by the letter “N.” The second letter represents the Federal Reserve district.

The printing of 76,800,000 $1 notes for Richmond in January leaves the Philadelphia bank as the only holdout for that denomination. Star notes are recorded for eight banks, excepting Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, and San Francisco. With the exception of the Richmond notes printed in Fort Worth, the distribution is as originally intended, with Fort Worth printing for the banks in Chicago and points westward, and Washington taking care of the others.

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