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Jordan releases 20-dinar note in nation’s fifth currency issue

The third note in Jordan’s fifth currency issue, a 20-dinar note, was released by the Central Bank of Jordan on March 21.

The new notes (the equivalent of $28.19) will circulate alongside the ones from the fourth series that were first issued beginning 20 years ago.

The news about the 20-dinar note was reported by the Jordan News Agency, but it is not yet on the bank’s website.

The 1- and 50-dinar notes were issued in December and January. The 5- and 10-dinar notes will be gradually circulated on dates to be announced.

The face of the paper composition 145- by 74-millimeter green and blue 20-dinar note has a facing half bust of the late King Hussein Bin Talal, an ostrich, and a mosque. The mosque is the King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque, built by Jordan’s current king, Abdullah, in 2005 in honor of his father. It is the largest in the country. The text is in Arabic.

The English-language back is dominated by a landscape of the Wadi Mujib and a pair of ancient coins at the lower left. The Wadi Mujib was known as the Arnon River in the Bible where it was a boundary line between tribes. It feeds the Dead Sea and is the site of an important biosphere reserve.

Security devices common to both sides are a watermark section with King Hussein’s portrait, a hidden denomination expressed as the number “20” when raised to light, and a crown used for a registration device. Additionally, the face has a patch bearing the Arabic number “20” that changes color from gold to jade. A windowed 3D security thread appears on the back..

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