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JM Bullion announces launch of new 2015 1 1/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin.

JM Bullion is proud to announce the launch of the 2015 1 1/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin. As the first 1 1/4 oz silver bullion coin ever produced by the prestigious Royal Canadian Mint, the Canadian Silver Bison Coin is available in the USA exclusively through JM Bullion. Offering a totally unique design, anti-counterfeit radial lines on the obverse and reverse, thick dimensions, an $8 CAD face value, and .9999 silver purity, this coin is garnering attention from investors and collectors alike.

Each Canadian Silver Bison coin is composed from only the highest quality .9999 fine silver. It measures 38 mm in diameter with a thicker width of 4.1125 mm. Further contributing to the distinct qualities of this coin is the impressive cutting edge technology that the Royal Canadian Mint has developed to prevent any counterfeit attempts. Among these new security features are the anti-counterfeit radial lines that run through the background of each coin on both its obverse and reverse sides. These intricate lines hinder potential forgers by making the replication of the coin's design even more challenging.

Coins are available to ship individually, in mint-sealed tubes of 20 coins (25 ounces), or in mint-sealed boxes of 400 coins (500 ounces). Mint-sealed boxes feature new RCM marketing labels on the top of the box.

With its striking silver composition and its innovative anti-counterfeit technology, the 2015 1 1/4 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin provides customers with a stunning piece of bullion that is suitable as either a collector's item or an investment, and JM Bullion is privileged to serve as the sole distributor of such a rare coin.

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About JM Bullion 

JM Bullion was established as a small online precious metal retailer in 2011, but quickly grew and has emerged as a major retailer in the online precious metals industry. JM Bullion offers a wide selection of gold and silver products, from bars to rounds to coins. Dealing exclusively in high quality physical bullion, JM Bullion works directly with mints and distributors and ships directly to your doorstep.

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