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A dark day for Weinman’s design on Murk Diem Zombucks rounds

Zombucks are a popular silver and copper bullion series from Provident Metals. 

Coin World explores all of the designs issued so far in the series.

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The “Murk Diem,” meaning “dark day” is a play on the silver 10-cent coin collectors call the “Mercury dime.”

The obverse features a Winged Liberty Head rendtion of Lady Liberty — the symbol of freedom — as Murk Diem. The once graceful adaptation on Adolph Weinman’s Winged Head Liberty dime now has ruffled feathers in her cap, her spine protruding through lacerated flesh. MURK DIEM, 2018 and denomination are inscribed.

Murk Diem mintage limits

Silver – 37,662

Proof silver – 10,000

Copper – 84,617

Proof copper –10,000

Retail price, Brilliant Uncirculated copper: $3

Retail price, Brilliant Uncirculated silver: $26

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