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Israeli numismatic articles available online

The American-Israel Numismatic Association has posted more than 40 years worth of its publication,The Shekel, online.

The Shekel  is a journal of Israeli and Judaic history and numismatics.

AINA President Mel Wacks recently announced the project, which includes all 260 back issues in a span of years from 1968 through 2010, accessible at

The archive allows members, hobbyists, researchers and millions of people around the world access to what is now essentially “The Encyclopedia of Israel and Judaic Numismatics,” Wacks said.

Each issue is digitized in high resolution as a PDF file so that it can be viewed as it was originally published with photos, graphics and advertisements intact. The files are searchable so readers will may identify articles containing keywords of interest.

A volunteer team from the University of Hawaii at Hilo spent two years digitizing and posting the files online.

Wacks said, “We owe a debt of gratitude to hundreds of our expert writers and especially to Dr. Thom Curtis, Department of Sociology, University of Hawaii at Hilo, and his team of volunteer sociology students — Michael Sado, Ian Mitchener, Jodi Vierra, and Koran Munafo — who performed the time-consuming tasks of scanning and reformatting each issue.”

Three indexes published in the past by AINA are also available to assist readers in locating articles of interest.

Current issues of The Shekel  are sent to AINA members — annual membership costs $25 for residents of the United States or $35 overseas, and membership includes a free annual medal for members.

For more information, or to join, write to AINA at P.O. Box 20255, Fountain Hills, AZ 85269, or telephone AINA at 818-225-1348. 

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