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Israeli coins depict David, Saul

The biblical story of David playing the harp for King Saul is the subject of the Bank of Israel’s 18th coin in the Biblical Art series.

The issue, released in 2014 with a 2013 date, tells of the rise and fall of Saul, the first king of the people of Israel, as told in 1 Samuel.

Artist Moshe Pereg’s reverse design illustrates the biblical narrative.

Saul’s imminent disappearance as king is represented by an outlined image of the dejected, crowned Saul seated on the throne. In the foreground, David, the young shepherd whose anointing as future king was not yet known to Saul, is depicted playing the harp to ease the king’s depressed spirit.

The obverse, designed by Gideon Keich, shows the face value and Israel state emblem, and a decoration representing David’s harp.

Four versions of the coin have been issued, including the first ever .999 fine silver version of the Proof 2-new-Israeli-sheqel coin. The additional versions are a Prooflike .925 fine silver 1-NIS coin, a Proof .999 fine gold 1-NIS coin and a Proof .917 fine gold 10-NIS coin.

The Prooflike silver coin weighs 14.4 grams and measures 30 millimeters in diameter.

The Proof silver 2-NIS coin weighs 31.1 grams and measures 38.7 millimeters in diameter. The gold 1-NIS coin weighs 1.244 grams and measures 13.92 millimeters in diameter, while the gold 10-NIS coin weighs 16.96 grams and measures 30 millimeters in diameter.

The coins are available individually or as part of sets.

The silver 1-NIS coin is limited to a 1,800 mintage, and is priced at $59. The silver 2-NIS coin has a mintage limit of 2,800 pieces and costs $95. A set of both silver coins costs $146.

The gold 1-NIS coin has a mintage limit of 5,000 pieces and costs $135, and the 10-NIS coin is limited to 555 mintage and costs $1,160. A three-coin set of both silver coins and the gold 10-NIS coin is priced at $1,275.

The Israel Coin and Medals Corp. (which sells the coins for the Bank of Israel) offers discounted prices for customers who subscribe to its marketing announcements.

For subscribers, the silver 1-NIS coin is priced at $49, and the silver 2-NIS coin costs $80. A two-coin set is priced at $121.

The price of the gold 1-NIS coin costs $125 and for the gold 10-NIS coin, $1,125. The three-coin set is priced at $1,215.

To order, telephone the ICMC at (011) 972-4-821-2807, write to it at 972-4-821-2807 or visit the website ¦

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