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IBNS accepting nominations for its Banknote of 2014 contest

The new 50-shekel note of Israel featuring a portrait of poet Saul Tchernichovsky on the face is among the nominations for the IBNS Banknote of 2014.

Images courtesy of the Bank of Israel.

The International Bank Note Society is now accepting nominations for its annual Banknote of the Year contest. IBNS members can nominate notes based on their artistic merit, imaginative design and new security features. For more information, send an email to

Among the bank notes nominated so far:

Poland’s 20-zloty polymer note marking the centenary of the formation of the Polish Legions. The face of the note features a portrait of Marshal Jozef Klemens Pilsudski wearing his military uniform. The back design shows depictions of the many Polish military awards.

Trinidad & Tobago’s $50 note marking the 50th anniversary of the islands’ central bank. The face of the gold-colored notes features vignettes of the nation’s coat of arms, a red hibiscus flower and a red-capped cardinal bird in flight. The back design depicts a young female Carnival masquerader in her costume and a vignette of the bank’s headquarters.

French Pacific Territories 5,000-franc note with designs on the face and back focusing on depictions of various ocean life including a pearl in an oyster shell.

Israel’s new 50-shekel notes honoring poet Saul Tchernichovsky on the face of the note along with images of citrus fruit and leaves. The back design shows capitals of Corinthian columns in reference to parts of the poet’s compositions and his translation of ancient Greek literature.

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