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Hungary issues two coins for ‘Golden Bull’ anniversary

Hungary marks the 800th anniversary of the Golden Bull with two coins, available individually, that also interlock.

Images courtesy of the Coin & Currency Institute.

In 1222, King Andrew II of Hungary signed what has become known as the “Golden Bull.” It was a charter granted by the king to codify the rights and privileges of the nobility and clergy and to establish limits on his own power.

Two 2022 coins from the Hungarian Mint mark this anniversary, a Proof half-gram .999 fine gold 10,000-forint coin and an Antique Finish copper-zinc-brass 5,000-forint coin. 

To heighten interest in the program, the gold coin can be fitted into an indentation in the base metal coin.

The Golden Bull was forced upon King Andrew because of his own abuses of power and contained 31 separate articles. From 1222 forward, all Hungarian kings had to swear to uphold it.

Golden Bull is a translation from the Latin bulla aurea, where “bull” refers to an edict with a gold seal. First it only meant the seal itself, but the term later also came to refer to the decree.

About the designs

The obverse design of the gold coin features the gold bull itself — the seal that was used on the document.

On the base metal coin, the seal design is presented in an indentation just below a replication of part of the document’s text. The indentation is sized precisely so that the gold coin can be placed within it.

The reverse of each coin has an identical image of King Andrew II seated on his throne holding an orb in his left hand and a scepter in his right. Border design differs. The gold coin’s diameter is 11 millimeters. The base metal coin weighs 117.5 grams and measures 67 millimeters in diameter.

Both coins have a mintage limit of 10,000 pieces and are available individually.

The gold coin is priced at $79.75 and the base metal coin costs $29.95. Shipping is additional, and Vermont residents must pay sales tax.

To order, or for more information, contact the Hungarian Mint’s North American representative,

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