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Hungary issues 100-forint coin for money museum opening

Hungary has issued a circulating commemorative 100-forint coin to mark the opening of its Money Museum.

Images courtesy of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank.

Hungary’s Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Central Bank) opened the Hungarian Money Museum and Visitor Centre, and to celebrate, has issued a new 2022 circulating commemorative 100-forint coin.

The coins are intended to “focus attention on the significance of financial literacy and the Money Museum as an authentic and comprehensive source of knowledge,” according to an announcement from the Bank.

Two million examples of the ringed-bimetallic coins were placed into circulation.

The reverse remains the same as other coins of the same denomination currently in circulation.

Replacing the Hungarian coat of arms on the obverse is a new motif, designed by Mónika Gyuró.

The obverse depicts a section of the building that houses the Hungarian Money Museum and Visitor Centre.

Above, a stylized representation of a chart, showing an upward trend, is found and four different coins are placed featuring motifs (the Anjou lily, in a reference to Hungarian gold florins from the Middle Ages, the iconic digit 1 of the 1-forint coin introduced in 1946, a globe, and a pair of scales) that refer to the themes presented by the Money Museum and the general characteristics of money.

Inscriptions translate to “Hungary Money Museum” and the 2022 year.

The 100-forint coin weighs 8 grams and measures 23.8 millimeters in diameter. It has a nickel-plated steel ring and a copper-zinc plated steel core.

U.S.-based distributor Coin & Currency Institute carries coins from Hungary, and has examples of the new coin for $14.95 plus shipping and handling.

To order, visit the firm’s website,

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