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Hudson Bay Co. pieces among highlights for Torex auction

A skin counter token used by the Hudson’s Bay Co. in Canada is one of the marquee lots from the Morris Norman Collection of items related to the famed merchant explorers offered by Moore Numismatic Auctions’ Oct. 27 to 29 Torex sale.

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The only publicly available skin counter token from the Hudson’s Bay Co. is one of the marquee lots in a collection of several hundred medals, tokens and scrip items related to the merchant explorers in Moore Numismatic Auctions’ October Torex sale.

The firm’s 125th auction since 1977 is scheduled for three sessions over Oct. 27 to 29.

The skin counter token is one of three known (the other two are in Canada’s National Currency Collection). It is pedigreed to the J. Douglas Ferguson Collection and earlier to the holdings of Wayte Raymond.

Cataloged as Gingras 205 in Medals, Tokens and Paper Money of the Hudson’s Bay Company by Larry Gingras, the token was used either on the Labrador Coast or in the Canadian Arctic, according to Gingras. The coat of arms of the Hudson’s Bay Co. appears on the rectangular piece, which dates to around or prior to 1850.

The example in the auction has an estimate of $10,000 Canadian.

The token is one of nearly 200 lots comprising the Morris Norman Collection, an assemblage of medals, tokens and scrip relating specifically to the Hudson’s Bay Co. and the Indian trade. The Norman Collection is one of the most extensive ever assembled relating to Hudson’s Bay Co.; bidding is expected to be brisk, according to Moore.

The auction offers more than 2,800 lots total of Canadian, Newfoundland and ancient coins, bank notes, tokens and medals and also highlights the Ronald Greene Collection of Canadian savings banks and related banks, and three bank notes bearing serial number 1.

The auction is scheduled to be held at the Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel, directly across from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, in conjunction with the Torex coin show.

A printed catalog is available for $20. A PDF version can be downloaded from and viewed on, where live bidding is also available.

For more information or to order a catalog, write to Moore’s, P.O. Box 5233, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, telephone him at 925-946-0150 or contact the firm via e-mail at

Some highlights:

Greece, Phoenicia, Tyre, Year 20 (circa 107 to 106 B.C.) silver shekel, 14.05 grams, type paid to Judas Iscariot, Lot 1010, overall Very Fine “or nearly so.”

Canada, Hudson’s Bay Co., undated bronze Indian chief’s medal, 48 millimeters, by Conrad Kuchler, Gingras 100, rust and the extension of a die break on the reverse indicate that the medal is “probably a slightly later issue,” Lot 1210, Proof, “with a few light marks.”

Canada, Hudson’s Bay Co., undated (1926 or earlier) $1 card token, B.C. district, Dease Post, No. 218, Gingras 357, 61 millimeters by 31 millimeters, Lot 1244, Fine.

Canada, Hudson’s Bay Co., York Factory issue, 5-shilling note, London date May 4, 1820, York date Sept. 1, 1826, Secretary Wm. Smith, Governor Geo. Simpson, accountant A. Hargrave, No. 0524, Gingras 311, “at the time of Gingras’ book, a unique note. The auctioneer’s research has found no other example,” Lot 1254, Fine/VF, “thin paper backing, tear at left center.”

Canada, Hudson’s Bay Co., Hudson Strait, Ralph Parsons, undated (circa 1910s to 1920s) copper token, 30 millimeters by 55 millimeters, 58.5 grams, Gingras 240K, “made from the end of the barrel hoop, with an overlapping piece from the other end of the hoop, and a lead rivet holding the two pieces together,” “believed to be of the highest rarity, if not unique,” Lot 1280, VF.

Canada, Hudson’s Bay Co., Labrador District, circa 1919 5-MB (made beavers) token, Gingras 255F, “a prototype, according to L. Gingras in zinc and believed to be unique,” Lot 1300, F/VF.

Canada, Hudson’s Bay Co., Onion Lake, Saskatchewan, circa 1887 to 1928 aluminum $1 token, GOOD FOR $1.00 IN MERCHANDISE, Gingras 275D, 32 millimeters, Lot 1320, VF.

Canada, International Bank of Canada, Sept. 15, 1858 sheet of bank notes (two $1 notes and single $2 and $5 notes), no serial numbers, signed A. Thompson at right signature areas, “a unique remainder sheet and believed to be the only full known sheet of any issue from the International Bank of Canada,” Lot 1439, uncut.

Canada, the Merchants Bank of Canada, Nov. 1, 1919, $5 note, serial No. 000001/A, Edward VIII, “printed to coincide with a royal visit in November of 1919,” note believed to have been “presented during the royal visit to the Prince of Wales,” Lot 1665, About Uncirculated or better.

Canada, Dominion of Canada $1 bank note, March 21, 1898, Series L, Serial No. 000001/D, Lot 1813, EF to AU.

Canada, Dominion of Canada $4 bank note, July 2, 1900, Series A, Serial No. 0 000001/B, Lot 1834, AU.

Canada, 1858 large cent, Queen Victoria, Lot 2103, Professional Coin Grading Service Mint State 64 red brown.

Canada, 1858 silver 20-cent coin, Queen Victoria, Lot 2707, International Coin Certification Service MS-67.

Canada, 1878-H silver 5-cent coin, Queen Victoria, Lot 2480, PCGS MS-65, brilliant, “tied with two others for the finest known.”

Canada, 1881-H silver 10-cent coin, Queen Victoria, Lot 2637, PCGS MS-66, “tied with two others for finest known.”

Canada, 1886 silver 5-cent coin, Queen Victoria, Lot 2491, PCGS MS-66.

Canada, 1891 silver 10-cent coin, 21 Leaves design, Queen Victoria, Lot 2647, PCGS MS-66.

Canada, 1900 silver 50-cent coin, Queen Victoria, formerly in the collection of R. Henry and Emory May Norweb, Lot 2874, PCGS MS-64.

Canada, 1906 silver 25-cent coin, Large Crown design, Edward VII, Lot 2749, ICCS MS-65.

Canada, 1909 silver 25-cent coin, Edward VII, Lot 2754, PCGS MS-65, “tied with two others for finest graded by PCGS.”

Canada, 1912 gold $5 coin, George V, Lot 3124, PCGS Specimen 67.

Canada, 1912 gold $10 coin, George V, Lot 3154, PCGS Specimen 68.

Canada, 1913 silver 10-cent coin, Broad Leaves design, George V, Lot 2674, PCGS MS-65, “solo finest graded.”

Canada, 1915 silver 25-cent coin, Edward VII, Lot 2761, PCGS MS-65, “solo finest known example.”

Canada, 1923 cent, George V, Lot 2341, ICCS Specimen 65 brown.

Canada, 1925 silver 5-cent coin, George V, Lot 2565, ICCS MS-63.

Canada, 1929 silver 50-cent coin, George V, Lot 2907, ICCS Specimen 67.

Canada, 1935 silver dollar, George V, Lot 3014, PCGS Specimen 66.

Canada, Newfoundland, 1890 cent, Queen Victoria, Lot 3607, PCGS MS-65 red brown, “tied for finest graded by PCGS.”

Canada, Newfoundland, 1881 silver 5-cent coin, Queen Victoria, Lot 3643, PCGS Specimen 66, “believed to be one of only two known specimens and the finest known.”

Canada, Newfoundland, 1870 silver 20-cent coin, formerly in the Sid and Alicia Belzberg Collection, Lot 3697, PCGS MS-65.

Canada, Newfoundland, 1904-H silver 20-cent coin, Queen Victoria, Lot 3703, PCGS MS-64, “tied for the second finest graded by PCGS.”

Canada, circa 2003 uniface plaster model for obverse of 2003 gold $100 coin, by Dora de Pedery-Hunt, 35 centimeters, obverse border not yet added, “acquired directly from the family,” Lot 3860, “choice and flawless.”

Canada, circa 1976 uniface plaster model for reverse of 1976 gold $100 coin, by Dora de Pedery-Hunt, 26.5 centimeters, “acquired directly from the family,” Lot 3861, “choice and flawless.” ¦

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