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House note previews new security feature using movie star

A new house note starring Charlie Chaplin is being used by its developers, England-based CCL Secure, to promote the firm’s latest security element for polymer bank notes.

Note images courtesy of CCL Secure.

A new house note starring Charlie Chaplin is being used by its developers to promote their latest security element for polymer bank notes.

At the end of August, England-based CCL Secure introduced its appropriately named Cinema security feature for use with its Guardian polymer substrate.

Cinema, according to the developer, brings a banknote to life “with striking 3D depth and movement effects unlike anything seen on a banknote previously.”

It uses micro-lens technology embedded in a circle that is placed directly into the polymer substrate during manufacture. It is immediately recognizable to the naked eye without need for special lighting. The feature offers four options for the round area on the back — a graphic element, micro text, an anti-copy background, or no printing at all.

The Charlie Chaplin bank note was designed by CCL Secure and developed and printed by PWPW, the Polish Security Printing Works in Warsaw. It uses an image of Charlie Chaplin in combination with themes drawn from his films and the cinematic experience. The Cinema feature half window and secondary window both represent film reels and relate to the floating images in the Cinema feature itself.

The face of the note features a portrait of Charlie Chaplin in his legendary Tramp costume.

The Cinema aspect on the face has a film reel appearing to float above the surface and the denomination 50. The image and denomination move freely as the note is tilted.

The back shows an image of Chaplin’s legs and cane, inspired by the film Modern Times.

A video presentation of the note is at

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