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Harlan J. Berk moves Gemini auction to Chicago

Harlan J. Berk Ltd. will not be holding a Gemini auction at the upcoming 2016 New York International Numismatic Convention. Instead, the firm plans to organize a new numismatic convention in downtown Chicago, at which future Gemini auctions will be held.

The firm has its roots in the Chicago area, where Harlan J. Berk established his numismatic firm in 1964. Today the company is internationally known for its ongoing buy-or-bid sales and numismatic auctions. 

The newest venture to re-establish an international coin show in downtown Chicago is born out of an obligation to promote numismatics in the city of Chicago itself, according to Shanna Berk-Schmidt.

“Every day during my lunch break I walk past the splendid building of the Chicago Cultural Center,” she said. “For years I have thought that this would be the ideal place to hold a fantastic coin convention. Here we are in the heart of downtown Chicago; thousands of local people and tourists walk by the Chicago Cultural Center every day. Here we could really focus public attention on numismatics, our great passion. Now I want to turn my dream into reality! We will be organizing a coin show in this marvelous building with its impressive glass dome.”

Harlan Berk, Shanna’s father, added that he has been trying for decades to interest more people in numismatics, “and that for many other reasons than just to win them as customers! For that reason we have decided to make the new coin convention a not-for-profit business. It is our goal to recreate an important coin show in downtown Chicago, at which numismatics will receive the attention it deserves.”

The new Chicago show will be held for the first time in spring 2017, and preparations are already underway. Harlan Berk intends to organize a rich program of supplementary activities, including panel discussions and lectures and, of course, also auctions. With this in mind, HJB Ltd. has decided to transfer its internationally known Gemini auctions to Chicago.

Aaron Berk stressed that HJB Ltd. will continue to be an active participant in the New York show every January, occupying one of the largest tables on the bourse floor as in previous years.

For additional information about the new Chicago coin show in spring 2017, email Shanna Berk-Schmidt.

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