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Ground-breaking kicks off construction at Schuler Innovation Tower

Press release from the Schuler Group:

A symbolic breaking of ground July 14 opened construction of the Schuler Innovation Tower at its base in Göppingen, Germany. 

The 12-story-tall engineering and technology center will provide space for 750 employees. With a total cost of more than €40 million, it is the biggest single investment in the company’s history.

Schuler is one of the largest producers of coinage presses in the industry, with their presses found in mints around the world. 

“This is a commitment to the high-tech business location Germany,” stated CEO Stefan Klebert. “The name Schuler Innovation Tower reflects our determination to always be at the cutting edge of technology. In order to maintain this leading position, we need to provide our staff with the best-possible working conditions and high-quality workplaces which create a pleasant environment and space for new ideas.” 

“With a height of more than 50 meters [164 feet], the Schuler Innovation Tower will dominate Göppingen’s skyline as one of our tallest buildings,” said the town’s mayor, Guido Till. “We all look forward to enjoying the building’s modern and dynamic architecture. However, Schuler is also making an important statement about Göppingen as a business location and playing a major role in strengthening it.”

The new building will also house the Schuler company restaurant and the top floor will be used for meetings, with several conference rooms. 

The office concept has been designed and implemented in accordance with the latest findings on workflow organization. Construction work on the Schuler Innovation Tower is due to be completed by spring of 2017 with the first employees due to move in during summer of 2017.

About the Schuler Group 

Schuler is the technological and global market leader in forming equipment. The company offers cutting edge presses, automation, dies, process know-how and services for the entire metal forming industry and lightweight vehicle construction. 

Schuler is the market leader in coin minting presses and supplies systems solutions for the aerospace, railway and large pipe industries.

 In fiscal year 2014, Schuler posted sales of €1.18 billion. 

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