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Great Aussie Coin Hunt begins again in 2021

Australia has 26 new circulating $1 coins, each celebrating an aspect of Aussie life and culture. The 2021 aluminum-bronze coin issues begin the Great Aussie Coin Hunt 2, as people are invited to seek an example of each in circulation.

All images courtesy of the Royal Australian Mint.

Two years after the first hunt, the second Great Aussie Coin Hunt is on.

The Royal Australian Mint in early May announced the launch of the second such coin hunt, which involves 26 new $1 coins featuring different designs celebrating aspects of Australian culture and heritage, from A to Z.

Themes range from familiar topics, like BBQ to represent the letter B and the koala for K, to things that are uniquely Australian and likely little known outside the country, like Tim Tam (a chocolate cookie, or “biscuit” in national parlance) on the coin representing T, or Nobby’s Nuts on the N coin.

Animals (or other natural themes) and food feature prominently on the coins.

All 2021 design themes

The alphabet of themes follows:
Akubra (a hat brand)
Cherry Ripe (a candy bar)
Great Barrier Reef
Home and Away (a TV soap opera)
Ironbark (eucalyptus)
Jolly Swagman (a folk hero)
Milo (a chocolate drink)
Nobby’s Nuts
Opera House (in Sydney)
Pavlova (a meringue dessert)
Queen Victoria’s Market
Redback Spider
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Tim Tam (chocolate cookie)
Ulysses Butterfly
Victa lawnmower
Witchetty grub
Xanthorrhoea (grass tree)
Yabby (a crustacean)
Zinc sunscreen

The Jody Clark effigy of Queen Elizabeth II appears on the obverse of the current $1 coin, including the coins in this program.

Specifications, availability

The Uncirculated aluminum-bronze $1 coin weighs 9 grams and measures 25 millimeters in diameter. The A to Z series has an unlimited mintage.

The coins are entering commerce, as individuals have purchased and are reselling unopened bags of the coins online through social media and eBay.

The Royal Australian Mint offers each coin individually in special colorful packaging for $3 Australian each. In addition, RAM offers a colorful, empty folder, along with all 26 coins in a tube, ready for the collector to place them in the folder, all together priced at $47 Australian. An empty folder is also available, for $7 Australian, for those hoping to pluck the coins from circulation (it is, after all, a coin hunt).

A Proof version of each coin was available in a set, priced at $370 Australian, but that option has sold out its 2,500 product limit.

To order the coins, visit the RAM’s e-shop at

One Australian dollar is equivalent to 77 cents U.S., as of May 12.

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