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Gold, silver bullion prices affect market

World market prices in precious metals, especially silver and gold, continue to be the driving force behind coin market activity in Mexican coins.

Thus, much has happened in the Mexican marketplace since November 2010, when the values were previously published in Coin World.

Collectors and investors have been taking large amounts of available discretionary funds that were previously going into their collections and related investment vehicles, and moving them into gold and silver bullion programs.

Desire for the lower-end coins has declined. That, coupled with the totally chaotic financial conditions that exist, not only in the United States but in almost all major regions of the world, has brought a slight downturn in Mexican numismatic prices, and the declines are reflected in this current Mexican Coin Values update. Key-date and high-grade material had only a slight decrease in value, while lower grade and more common coins have been affected the most and are noticeable in the Mexican Coin Value listings.

Updates are based on $1,500 per ounce gold and $35 per ounce silver.

The Centennial of the Mexican Revolution and the Bicentennial commemorative series are now complete and they were well received. The Banco de Mexico now has available yearly Mint sets of each series.

Information will be available soon on a new numismatic coinage series and further details will be released when available. This series, which will cover multiple years, should increase awareness of Mexican numismatics.

The Banco de Mexico, which had a display of some extremely rare coins from its collection for the Centennial of the Revolution and the Bicentennial of the Independence at the 2010 American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money in Boston, will feature a two-case exhibit of some outstanding Spanish Colonial proclamation medals from its collection during the ANA World’s Fair of Money Aug. 16 to 20 in Rosemont, Ill. ¦

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