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Gold Maple Leaf made from single source in Quebec

The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a new single-source mine Maple Leaf gold $50 coin, made from metal drawn from the Éléonore gold mine in northern Quebec.

Images courtesy of the Royal Canadian Mint.

A new gold bullion coin from Canada offers transparency about its origins.

The Royal Canadian Mint on Oct. 4 announced a Maple Leaf 1-ounce .9999 fine gold $50 coin that is struck from metal completely sourced from a single mine.

The new coin is released “in response to continuing market demand for greater transparency about the origins of precious metals, and to showcase its continually evolving refining capabilities,” the RCM said in a press release.

The RCM partnered with the world’s leading gold producer, Newmont Corp., to introduce the new single-sourced bullion coin. The coin is entirely composed of gold from Newmont’s Éléonore gold mine in northern Québec and is refined by the RCM under a rigorous segregation protocol.

This special gold bullion coin will soon be available through the RCM’s official bullion distributors.

Design details

The reverse of the RCM’s new single-source mined pure gold coin features Walter Ott’s detailed engraving of a sugar maple leaf, the hallmark of the Mint’s Maple Leaf family of bullion coins.

This central design is also surrounded by an array of precisely machined radial lines. Beneath it appears a micro-engraved maple leaf-shaped security mark containing the engraving of the number “23,” only visible under magnification, to denote the coin’s year of issue, 2023.

Left of the security feature is a privy mark of a hand cradling a globe, symbolizing the single-source origin of the coin’s .9999 fine gold.

The coin is also protected by the RCM’s Bullion DNA technology.

This gold bullion coin is encapsulated in credit card-style packaging that includes a certificate of purity and authenticity. The Mint’s official bullion distributors will make this coin available in this single packaging format, as well as in tubes packaged in 500-coin boxes.

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