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Germany's Bundeslander series of €2 coins continues

Germany honors another of its 18 states, Rheinland-Palatinate, with its annual Bundeslander circulating commemorative €2 coin for 2017.

Images courtesy of the German Bundesbank.

Germany’s annual Bundeslander series of circulating commemorative €2 coins continues in 2017. The program honors each of Germany’s 18 states. 

The 2017 coin, the 12th in a series that began in 2006, celebrates the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It depicts the state's Porta Nigra, in Trier. The landmark is probably the best-preserved Roman city gate north of the Alps.

The center of the obverse design features the name RHEINLAND-PFALZ with the issuing country’s code, D, below. The Mint mark (A, D, F, G or J) is at the left, the year 2017 appears at the top, and at the right are the initials of the designer, CH (Chocola Frantisek).

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Thirty million examples were issued on Feb. 2. 

The reverse carries the common European map design.

The 12 stars of the European flag appear on both sides of the ringed-bimetallic €2 coin.

The €2 coin weighs 8.5 grams and measures 25.75 millimeters in diameter.

Each nation is allowed to issue up to two different circulating commemorative designs annually, with designs of their choosing, though few nations have issued the maximum number of designs.

Joint euro programs like the 2015 coins honoring the 30th anniversary of the flag of the European Union do not count toward this limit.

All €2 coins are legal tender throughout the eurozone. 

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