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German auction firm Fritz Rudolph Künker moves to new quarters

German coin dealer and auction firm Fritz Rudolph Künker’s latest series of auctions, held June 30 to July 4, were the first conducted since the company opened new offices in May.

The company remains in Osnabrück but is now located at Nobbenburger Straße 4a, in a new building specifically designed for the company’s needs. It had outgrown its previous headquarters and was actually using three distinct settings before the move. 

All 40 employees and the company library were brought together in the new building, which is close to the previous headquarters site. The move allowed the library to be reorganized; it now includes 800 linear meters of shelf space, providing “a great deal of room for new publications,” the firm reported in a press release.

The heart of the house is the giant, passable safe with 60 cubic meters of interior space, boasting the most up-to-date security technology, according to the firm.The safe is not the only area of the facility where security is maintained, however.

“Security is a big issue today. And that’s the reason why the office space is strictly separated from the customer area,” said Ulrich Künker, managing director of the firm.

Customers may enter the premises directly from the company’s own underground parking garage, in another nod to safety.

Customer service areas extend to three floors, with a spacious reception room on one floor, and the “oval office” where private meetings may be conducted, on another floor. The third floor offers the best daylight conditions for those who want to view coins from upcoming auctions in a viewing gallery, according to the firm.

The firm will continue to conduct its auctions at the Steigenberger Hotel Remarque, including a new group of sales scheduled for Oct. 4 to 10. 

“For our clients, nothing has changed besides the address,” Ulrich Künker said.

For more information about the firm, telephone it at  (011) 49 541 96 20 20, email it or visit its website.

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