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Galway Metals reports rich gold vein in New Brunswick

Drilling by Galways Metals at its Clarence Stream Project in New Brunswick, Canada, is yielding promising veins of gold, the firm claims.

According to the company, drilling at different depths in quartz has yielded various concentrations of the yellow metal. The mining firm projected from 7.3 grams per metric ton of ore to 38.1 grams per metric ton, based on several gold assays of ore from its discovery hole.

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Three additional holes were drilled to intersect with the discovery hole. The gold concentration reportedly ranged up to a projected 58.2 grams of gold per metric ton of ore, based on prelimianry assays.

A massive angular boulder, according to Galway, grades 56.2 grams per metric ton.

The finds reflect the second major deposit that Galway has found since the company began drilling the Clarence Stream site in October 2016.

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