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France celebrates 2018 FIFA victory with medalet

France’s mint is celebrating the 2018 FIFA World Cup victory of the nation’s men’s soccer team with a medalet.

Images courtesy of the Monnaie de Paris.

France won its second ever FIFA Men’s soccer World Cup by beating Croatia 4–2 in the final game of the 2018 tournament on July 15.

Within days of that victory — the nation’s second in the World Cup, 20 years after beating Brazil  — the Monnaie de Paris announced a medalet celebrating France’s 1998 and 2018 victories. 

France beat Croatia in 1998 in the semifinals to make its way to the final round, the Monnaie de Paris noted. 

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The medalet measures 34 millimeters in diameter. 

The obverse shows a rooster, the emblem of the French team since 1909. The bird is kicking a soccer ball.

The rooster is an homage to the Gallic origins of France, as in Latin the word “gallus” means both rooster and Gauls.

The dual dates of both victories, 1998–2018, appear below the scene, with two stars nearby referencing the two championship victories.

A soccer goal also rounds out the scene.

The reverse is the standard design used for brass or brasslike tourist medals designed by the mint and sold through vending machines at tourist destinations around the country.

These can be found at places like the Louvre and Notre Dame in Paris, and elsewhere around the nation.

The 2018 design features the nation’s name in nine different languages, which also highlights the global nature of the competition.

The medalet retails for €5 and is available for sale at the mint, the Mint’s website, and through authorized dealers.

No mintage limit for the medalet has been announced.

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