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Fort McHenry quarter presented to British frigate officer

Maryland State Numismatic Association Vice President Jack Schadegg presented an encased 2014 Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine quarter dollar Sept. 14 to a Royal Navy warrant officer of the British frigate HMS Argyll in appreciation of the frigate's visit to Baltimore.

The ship was docked at Fells Point in Baltimore to participate in the festivities comprising Star Spangled Spectacular, the celebration of the bicentennial of the Battle of Baltimore and of the national anthem.

Referring to the events of 200 years ago, Schadegg’s presentation letter remarks, “We also celebrate the friendship and alliance those 200 years since have forged between our two nations.”

Collectors interested in obtaining their own Philadelphia, Denver, or San Francisco Mint Fort McHenry encased quarter dollars may contact MSNA at P.O. Box 13504, Silver Spring, MD 20911-3504, or visit the MSNA website

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