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Former Carson City Mint press strikes silver medal

Special half-ounce .999 fine silver medals featuring views of Lake Tahoe are available only as premiums for donations to the Lake Tahoe Commemorative Coin Environmental Education Fund.

All images courtesy of Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

Among commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, a special medal will be presented as a premium for donations to the Lake Tahoe Commemorative Coin Environmental Education Fund.

The 30-millimeter half-ounce .999 fine silver medals are struck on Coin Press #1 at the Nevada State Museum; the press was used in coin production when the Carson City Mint was in operation. The museum is housed in the former Mint building, which opened in 1870.

The limited-edition medals are not available for public purchase. To obtain a medal, there are three levels of donation.

A top-tier package will present the donor with two of the first 200 medals minted, along with a limited edition print of an original oil painting featuring a view of the lake, as is presented on the medal. These packages, requiring a donation of $1,645, are limited to 100 donors.

A wooden display package, in an edition of 500, the premium for a $450 donation, includes the medal in a lake-shaped display handcrafted from local cedar and sugar pine wood.

The third premium, for a $125 donation, with 945 available, provides an individual medal in an airtight acrylic plastic case on a full-color display card.

Proceeds from the donations support environmental education programs at Lake Tahoe, in partnership with the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation. Environmental programs include the Tahoe in Depth environmental newspaper, Eyes on the Lake Program led by the League to Save Lake Tahoe, Take Care Tahoe, the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California, and the Nevada State Museum.

Artwork for the painting and medal was by local artist Eleanor BonBon. Award-winning coin and medal designer Tom Rogers, a former U.S. Mint sculptor and engraver, created the plaster model.

A mintage of 1,645 medals was chosen as the limit, a number equal to the depth in feet at the deepest point of Lake Tahoe.

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is a multi-state (Nevada and California) agency created to protect the natural elements of the pristine lake and provide environmental and ecology awareness and assistance.

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