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Recent discoveries from roll searching include, from left, a Bahamas 1-cent coin found in a roll of U.S. dimes; at center, the prooflike obverse of a 2005-D Minnesota quarter dollar from a roll of quarter dollars; and among 50-cent coins, right, a 1955 Franklin half dollar.

Images courtesy of Bill O'Rourke.

In the Aug. 13 installment of “Found In Rolls,” I wrote about the discovery of a $10 bill that was blown by a windstorm into some blackberry vines beside my home.

Using that “sawbuck” as roll-searching “seed” money, I was able to obtain 20 rolls of cents, and subsequently, after cashing the cents back in at my local bank, 10 rolls of 5-cent coins.

Coins of note that were found and written about in that earlier installment included a 1943 Lincoln zinc-coated steel cent, a 1955-S Lincoln cent and a high-grade 1944-P Jefferson copper-silver-manganese 5-cent coin.

As promised, I will now share the coins discovered and taken from two rolls of dimes, followed by one roll of quarter dollars and then, finally, one roll of half dollars.

Each of the two rolls of dimes held a hidden treasure. Discovered in the first roll was a 2009 cent from the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

A round coin measuring 17 millimeters in diameter and with a plain edge, the obverse bears the coat of arms of the Bahamas together with the legend COMMONWEALTH OF THE BAHAMAS, which forms a crown around the coat of arms. The date is seen below the coat of arms.

On the reverse are images of starfish together with the text 1 CENT.

Found in the second roll, and almost missed, was a very stained 1963 Roosevelt 90 percent silver dime. This dime looked like a very dirty copper-nickel clad piece and had it not been for the silver edge, I might have missed this coin altogether.

I have not attempted to remove the material that has coated some portions of this coin so I have not yet determined what the foreign matter is, but it appears to be the remnants of some type of adhesive.

Searching through one roll of quarter dollars, I came across a wonderful example of a 2005-D Minnesota quarter dollar. This coin is a knockout!

Generally speaking, this is a common coin, but in this condition, it could be a very scarce coin. The surfaces are gorgeous and prooflike and with minimal contact marks. I would grade this piece as Mint State 67 prooflike.

Saving the best until last is always a fun thing for me to do, and a search through one roll of half dollars provided me with a really surprising find!

A roll of half dollars picked up at an out-of-the-way bank contained two 90 percent silver pieces. The first was a 1964-D Kennedy half dollar and the second was this 1955 Franklin half dollar.

The latter coin fit nicely into my collection, and I only need five more Franklin half dollars to complete a set of coins that have all been “Found In Rolls.”

Bill O’Rourke is a collector who has spent the past several years searching coin rolls in pursuit of his hobby.

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