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Apparently Harry Potter was a pretty rich kid

In a recent Reddit post, a Harry Potter fan went in-depth about the money used in the world of the series and how much the fictional denominations would be worth in the real world.

Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons users Cora-sa Deviant (Harry Potter fan art) and The Conmunity (Hogwarts photo)

1. Harry Potter's rich

The fantasy world of Harry Potter has never been short on elaborate details. Along those lines, Comic Book Resources recently shared one fan’s research.

Fanatics are always digging deeper into J.K. Rowling’s world of magic and wizards, but a particular Reddit user pondered the idea of how much Harry Potter would be worth in the real world, and the overall current-day value of anything bought and sold throughout the series.

In case you don't remember, Reddit user aubieismyhomie provided the exchange rates among the different coins in the Harry Potter world, which are:

  • 20 knuts equal 1 sickle
  • 17 sickles equal 1 galleon

Based on the numerous purchases described throughout the series, the user pegs a galleon at about $25, a sickle at about $1.50, and a knut at about 5 cents. 

The post then delves into how much some of the items in the series would cost in the real world, including wands, a house elf's services, and a ticket to the Quidditch World Cup. 

Apparently, Harry Potter was "loaded" but generous

2. U.S. Mint's latest revenue numbers are in

Results were a mixed bag in Fiscal Year 2015 for the United States Mint.

While numismatic revenue was down, "the Mint’s two other sources of revenue — sales of circulating coinage to the Federal Reserve Bank and sales of bullion coins to its authorized purchasers — both registered sizeable gains over Fiscal Year 2014 sales.”

Here are the complete numbers.

3. Isle of Man introduces new gold bullion

Queen Elizabeth makes another appearance on this legal tender .999 fine gold coin, while the obverse depicts Archangel St. Michael slaying the dragon.

“The original angel is a gold coin introduced into England by Edward IV in 1465 as a new issue of the noble. Based on a French coin, the angelot or ange, its name was derived from the angel in the design.”

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5. Precious metals pricing lists the following prices per ounce Thursday at 5:31 p.m. ET:

  • Gold: $1,155.40
  • Silver: $14.850

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