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Euro market is stable and maturing

This euro market report comes fresh on the heels of Coin World attending the World Money Fair in Berlin.

More than 15,000 visitors jammed the floor of the convention center for the three-day show Feb. 7 to 9.

A significant number of those attending were there for a first shot at the 2014 euro coins already issued. The buyers found a maturing market which now has an established place in the collecting world.

It is a stable market which is price sensitive, fragmented into several collecting groups, and becoming more so.

The most popular part of the market is for the annual 2-euro commemorative coins, of which a country is allowed two per year.

Sales of annual BU sets seem to be lagging and the mints are compensating for it by introducing the same coins in a variety of packages.

Gold coins weighing just 1/25 ounce are popular because they can still be sold for less than $100. While some large format gold coins are still being offered, they are with very low mintages. Silver coins are now mostly in a smaller format because of silver prices in 2013.

Issue policies vary: Some mints restrict themselves to coins of national interest for their primary markets.

A few mints, however, have become more entrepreneurial and also make coins tailored to foreign markets and events such as soccer’s World Cup, where one company has secured worldwide rights for all coin sales.

The online euro values section, found at, contains most of the coins planned for 2014 even if they have not yet been issued.

Prices for those issues are based on what was known at press time. In some case, where the initial price is uncertain, we have used “tba” (to be announced).

As we noted in our November 2013 euro analysis, the new issue market in Europe is a function of marketers, mints and coin dealers. ¦

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