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E-Sylum sends April 1 spoof issue

Wayne Homren, editor of the weekly e-newsletter E-Sylum, spoofed subscribers with a special April 1 issue.

As you might expect with the date of the e-newsletter's mailing — and the weekly issue is normally emailed on Sunday, not Tuesday — the contents were not to be taken seriously. In the United States, at least, April 1 is celebrated as April Fool's Day.

A typical issue of E-Sylum features content about numismatic literature — the journal is published by the Numismatic Bibliomania Society, whose members collect all things related to numismatic literature. The weekly issue might contain reviews of new books and other publications, reports on numismatic events from all over the world, reader requests for information and responses to earlier requests, and much more.

Among the spoof articles in the April 1 issue was one dealing with a new book, A Guide to Chocolate Coins - A Preliminary Study.

"It covers the history from invention in Greece to modern plastic chocolate. Includes the Brussels Hoard and the Colonial Chocolate Coins emptied in the bay at Boston Harbour during the now famous Boston Chocolate and Tea Party," according to the review of the book. Also found in the book, "The very rare Australian Holey Chocolate Dollar, Siege or Obsidonal issues from the English Civil War when Bourneville was besieged by Roundheads and the recent undated 20 pence chocolate coin minted in error," according to the review.

The review was by David Pickup, who wrote: "I thought your readers might be interested in this. It is only available today." 

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