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Downies continues Australia at Night coin series

The third coin in the Australia at Night series is in the marketplace, this one honoring the echidna.

Images courtesy of Downies.

Australia is noted for its range of wildlife, and the third coin in a series from Downies continues to feature those animals that inhabit the nighttime.

The third coin in the Australia at Night series, this one depicting the echidna, is now available. 

The program offers “Black Proof” coins featuring a proprietary black treatment to simulate the animals’ dark, nocturnal world, making the echidna look like it’s been caught in the moonlight in the act of slurping up ants. 

The Proof .999 fine silver dollar is issued in the name of Niue. 

As with the first two coins in the series (honoring the duck-billed platypus in 2018 and the red kangaroo in 2019), the 2020 coin has a mintage limit of 1,000 pieces. 

Echidnas are small, relatively primitive mammals that are covered with coarse hair and spines, the reason they are sometimes called spiny anteaters. Superficially they resemble the anteaters of South America, and other spiny mammals like hedgehogs and porcupines. They have elongated, slender snouts that have the functions of both the mouth and nose. Having very short, strong limbs with large claws, they are powerful diggers.

The reverse shows a full-size adult echidna climbing over a branch and surprising a nest full of ants, its favorite meal. The scene sports the proprietary black treatment simulating the nighttime, when the little nocturnal spiny anteater is most active.

The obverse features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

The legend ELIZABETH II, the date of issue and denomination also appear, while the legend 1 OZ 999 SILVER identifies the weight and purity.

The coin is encapsulated inside a clamshell-style presentation case, lined with black velvet and satin, and protected by a full color outer cardboard box. 

An individually numbered certificate of authenticity is included.

The coin weighs 31.39 grams and measures 38 millimeters in diameter. 

The coin retails for $109.95 from distributor Talisman Coins’ eBay store.

To find the coin, go here.

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