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Disney Dollars' discontinuation this week's top post

The Disney Dollar, the popular private currency used and collected since 1987, was discontinued on May 14. Our post about that development was the week's top post on

Images courtesy of The Walt Disney Company.

It’s time to catch up on the week that was in numismatic insights and news.

Coin World is looking back at its five most-read stories of the week.

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5. Coins of Jamaica honor reggae musician Robert 'Bob' Marley: Described as a “black Bob Dylan” in a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame biographical sketch, Robert “Bob” Marley developed and spread the popularity of reggae beyond Jamaica to the world. 

4. Nobody has a crystal ball: Monday Morning Brief, May 23: While the U.S. Mint reconciles how it will dispose of more than 6,200 2016-W Winged Liberty Head Centennial gold dimes in its inventory from canceled orders and returns, some are already looking ahead to the looming sale of the 2016-W Standing Liberty Centennial gold quarter dollar.

3. Paper money changes great, but let's now turn to our coins: The Memory Bank: Beth Deisher has long held the view that our coins are our nation’s calling cards to the world, and that they should honor men and women who have played a role in our nation’s development or depict events that speak to our shared values and ideals.

2. United States Mint experiments with different finishes on coins: The Mint’s extensive experimentation over the past decade with coin finishes — sometimes using multiple finishes on one or both sides of the same coin — has factored into some individual coins’ appreciation in value (or lack thereof).

1. Disney Dollars series discontinued May 14 as digital money use rises: The Disney notes became a collectible soon after they became a currency, and PCGS Currency has graded more than 20,000 Disney Dollars in the past few years.

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