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Digital edition updates ‘Mexican Paper Money’

A new, digital edition of “Mexican Paper Money” is now available for download from the publishers.

Book cover image courtesy of World Numismatics LLC.

The digital update to the standard reference Mexican Paper Money is now available.

The book has four editors: Cory Frampton, Duane Douglas, Alberto Hidalgo and Elmer Powell, and was originally published in 2010 in print. It has since been updated in digital form.

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The publisher, World Numismatic LLC, said the book is “the most complete guide to Mexican Paper Money ever published,” and is now “the industry standard.”

Mexican Paper Money contains listings on more than 7,000 items, thousands of which are not listed in most catalogs. The 2017 edition includes many newly discovered notes.

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The new version is fully searchable using Adobe Reader. The Table of Contents offers direct links to the corresponding sections in the book. 

The book is organized chronologically in six sections: Imperial and early Republic; era of the private banks; pre-Revolutionary currency issued by entities other than banks; Revolutionary paper, including military, state, municipal, and private issues; emergency currency from the post-Revolutionary period; and early products of the Banco de Mexico, through about 1970.

The digital download is available for $35 through the firm’s website. The printed version remains available, individually for $45 or in a pack with the digital update for $65.

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