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Czechoslovakia issues its first commemorative note

The Czech National Bank put its first-ever commemorative bank note into circulation on Jan. 31. The 100-koruna note marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Czechoslovakian koruna.

It is 84 millimeters wide and 194 millimeters long and made of paper with orange protective fibers.

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The face has a portrait of Alois Rašín, the first Czechoslovak minister of finance, in brown. To his right is the headquarters building of the Czech National Bank in Prague topped by the statue Genius with a Lion. It is printed in shades of yellow, orange and brown.

The note includes green to gold optically variable ink, intaglio leaves at the building’s right, and the denomination 100 and CNB 100 in microtext.

The back depicts an allegorical head of the Republic wearing a Phrygian cap and partially covered with a laurel twig. It is taken from the facade of the building housing the banknote’s printer, the State Printing Works of Securities in Prague. Left of the head is the facade of the Schebek Palace in Prague, the former headquarters of the Banking Office of the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank of Czechoslovakia.

The colors are shades of yellow, orange, gray, and brown. Under the twig is the coat of arms of the Czech Republic. The texts 1919” and “2019” are below the head.

The note is worth the equivalent of $4.42. 

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