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Explore the rich and varied world of numismatics with Coin World editors Jeff Starck and Larry Jewett as they host this on-demand audio series discussing coin collecting topics both contemporary and historical. Whether you’re a casual hobbyist or a seasoned investor, this exciting new venture from Coin World is essential listening for anyone looking to get the most out of coin collecting.

Our goal with the Coin World Podcast is to offer listeners:

• High-quality content you’ve come to expect from the "World’s #1 Resource for Coin and Paper Money Collectors & Investors"

• Interviews with foremost experts and scholars in the field that are enriching the coin collecting community

• An exploration of diverse corners of numismatics

• Highlights of key works in numismatic history and the pioneers behind them

• Insight about coins, history, and the hobby itself.

• And much more!

The Coin World Podcast also gives our readers and listeners a way to connect with Coin World. Have a question for our editors? Want to react to the numismatic headlines of the day? Reach out to the Coin World Podcast via our social media channels:


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We are excited to present the Coin World Podcast and glad that you’re joining us on this journey.

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