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COVID-19 protocols ready for January FUN show

Florida United Numismatists will be dealing with COVID-19 safety protocols while staging the 66th edition of the FUN convention in Orlando Jan. 7 to 10.

Images courtesy of Florida United Numismatists.

People planning to attend the Florida United Numismatists convention Jan. 7 to 10 in Orlando should be aware of the COVID-19 safety protocols that will be in effect.

The show is planned to be held at the Orange County Convention Center, North/South Bldg Hall SB, 9899 International Drive.

“The FUN Board agrees to hold this show unless the state, county or city refuses to allow us to do so,” Cindy Wibker, FUN convention coordinator, told Coin World Nov. 20.

Attendees are required to fill out and sign a liability release form “stating they understand the COVID situation and they are entering the show at their own risk,” Wibker said. “We encourage everyone to read and sign the form before arriving at the convention site to speed up entry into the show.”

The form is posted on the FUN website at

Masks are mandatory

Currently, masks are mandatory in the Orange County Convention Center hallways and common area, a regulation likely still to be in effect at the time of the FUN convention, Wibker said.

“Masks will also be mandatory inside the exhibit hall —  bourse floor — and in the meeting rooms,” Wibker said. “If masks are no longer required in the open areas, your FUN board still encourages the use of masks. If a dealer asks that masks be worn at his table, masks must be worn. Everyone must provide their own masks, shields, gloves, etc., at the show site, so come prepared.”

Other safety protocol to be followed:

➤ Temperature checks: Daily temperature checks will be conducted by on-site medical personnel on those planning to enter the FUN bourse or meeting rooms. Thermal forehead scans will be administered and, if all is well, a wristband will be issued, good for that day.

Temperatures checks will be conducted before admittance to the show each day.

“When you return the next day you will be scanned and receive another wristband,” according to Wibker. “If anyone has a temperature they will be moved to a medical room for 15 minutes. They will have another scan, and if their temperature is down they may enter the show. If their temperature is still elevated they are required to leave the building, along with everyone in their traveling party.”

➤ Hand sanitizer: The Orange County Convention Center has installed hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the convention center, with a bottle to also be placed at each dealer’s table. Attendees are advised to use the sanitizer and to wash hands often.

➤ Social distancing: Florida is currently in Phase 3. At this time we do not plan to have extra spacing between dealers’ tables. To do business with customers it’s impossible to maintain a 6-foot distance. The booths are 10-feet wide and 10-feet deep, so dealers will likely be further away from a dealer neighbor than they are from customers. Social distancing is encouraged whenever possible and practical. Masks are mandatory when social distancing isn’t possible.

Above all, Wibker said it is imperative that attendees are respectful of other participants.

Attendees should avoid stacking up in groups behind dealers tables. If a dealer is busy, it’s advised to return at a later time.

“All dealers can set the ‘rules’ for their table regarding masks, how many customers at one time, social distancing, etc.,” Wibker said.

“I’m confident everyone will comply and we’ll have a very successful and safe show!”

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