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Convex concave silver rounds honor armed forces

News release from Osborne Mint to announce a series of silver medals with convex obverse and concave reverse to honor the five branches of the U.S. armed forces:

Osborne Mint in partnership with Anonymous Mint is releasing another exciting collection of .999 fine silver rounds, this time focusing on our military, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. The collection is called the Armed Forces Convex Rounds and is available exclusively through JM Bullion.

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The collection consists of five different .999 fine silver designs that share a common reverse and are based (mostly) on military uniform buttons. The main unique feature is that these rounds are convex — struck on special dies so they resemble highly polished silver buttons.

In conjunction with Anonymous Mint, we proudly present this new series honoring our active duty military and veterans. Each convex design is struck with specially made domed dies, which gives the appearance of a highly polished uniform button, and pays tribute to one of the five branches of the United States Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Four of the five designs take their design from an actual military uniform button. The Army round was modeled after a Department of the Army emblem. 

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The rounds bear the same reverse, featuring the design of the Great Seal which appears on military insignia and the back of the $1 bill.

The silver convex rounds come encapsulated with a two-sided, numbered certificate of authenticity. Due to a printing error, the certificate shows a mintage of 3,000, but only 1,000 of each design will be minted, increasing the collectability of these rounds.

A donation has been made to the Wounded Warrior® Project from the proceeds of the series. They are sold exclusively through JM Bullion, the premier online bullion dealer in the United States. 

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