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Another ancient coin find in Israel reported: Morning Report

1. Another find in Israel

2. Mark Twain designs

We posted the more than 50 proposed obverse and reverse designs for the 2016 Mark Twain commemoratives over the last few days. Here they all are in one place:

3. Pink gold?

That's what a new release from the Perth Mint is made out of. And embedded into the coin is an Argyle pink diamond. 

Not surprisingly, the coin doesn't come cheap.

4. #PaperMoneyMonday

The Bank of England began issuing £10, £20 and £50 notes March 3, 2015, bearing the facsimile signature of Chief Cashier Victoria Cleland. 

5. Precious metals pricing listed the following prices per ounce at 10:10 a.m. ET Monday:

6. Yesterday's most-read post

Commemorative coins honoring Mark Twain long overdue

7. Being social

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