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Classical Numismatic Group's new volume in Greek coin series out

An eighth book (but volume 4) in a 13-volume series on Greek coins is now available.

Image courtesy of Classical Numismatic Group

A new book continues a series of “Handbooks” about Greek coinage published by Classical Numismatic Group.  

Handbook of Coins of Northern and Central Greece: Achaia Phthiotis, Ainis, Magnesia, Malis, Oita, Perrhaibia, Thessaly, Akarnania, Aitolia, Lokris, Phokis, Boiotia, Euboia, Attica, Megaris, and Corinthia, Sixth to First Centuries B.C., is the eighth book to reach publication from the series.  

The work is labeled volume No. 4 in a series of 13 volumes, each covering a specified area of Greek coinage, authored by Oliver D. Hoover.

Beginning in central Thessaly with Achaia Phthiotis, this volume moves clockwise around that region, covering tribal issues, coins of the Thessalian League and the region’s various cities. From Akarnania the catalog moves eastward along the Corinthian Gulf to the heart of central Greece and the Isthmus of Corinth, ending with Tenea.

The coinage within each region and city is arranged chronologically, beginning with the Archaic issues and continuing through the later civic issues in the name of Alexander. Listings are arranged with gold coins first, followed by silver and bronze; each metal is arranged by denomination, largest to smallest. 

The series is designed to aid users in quick and accurate identification of Greek coins, while providing a cross-reference for each entry to a major work, to allow an inquirer to pursue more in-depth research. 

The new volume is priced at $65 plus shipping.  

To order, visit the firm’s website,, telephone it at 717-390-9194 or email it at

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