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Coin dealer issues Brexit medal for undecided voters

British coin dealer Chard has issued Brexit In or Out medals so undecided voters can make a decision before the June 23 vote on whether the United Kingdom will stay in or exit the European Union.

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Voters in the United Kingdom on June 23 will have a chance to choose whether the U.K. remains in the European Union.

Often described as Brexit, a combination of "British" and "exit," the vote will determine whether the European Union loses the United Kingdom as a member after 43 years. U.K. membership in the European Economic Community, precursor to the EU, began in 1973. 

The decision could have ramifications politically and economically, with proponents and opponents promising varying degrees of consequences for staying or leaving.

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But for undecided voters, precious metals and coin dealer Chard has created a commemorative “flipper” medal.

The company, based in Blackpool (in northern England) for more than 50 years, has issued the EU Referendum In or Out medals as an homage to historic pieces from nearly 200 years ago.

The EU Referendum on June 23 will be “the most important decision the UK voting population will make since we voted to join the European Economic Community in 1975, yet many Britons are still undecided on which way to vote,” the firm said. 

Lawrence Chard, company director, said the firm decided to issue the pieces just a few months ago because "[We’ve] seen a rise in confidence in gold as a safe haven with small/medium investors who are worried that, whatever the result, there could be devaluation, a destabilization attack on the British pound or a collapse of the British economy.”

He added, “We started questioning whether votes might be cast on the toss of a coin. By spinning the IN/OUT coin you could cut through all the spin that is being issued by both the IN and the OUT parties.”

The pieces are also an homage to brass imitation guinea jetons issued from about 1790 to 1820, which were used as gaming counters and advertising pieces. 

Chard suggests that, for undecided voters, “spinning one of our ‘coins’ might be a better way to decide than listening to the politicians on either side, and probably gives you a better chance of making the right choice. You have a 50/50 chance of making the right decision and it will be quicker and more efficient than trying to pore through all the doomsday scenarios being uttered by the two opposing protagonist camps.”

The copper medal weighs 14 grams and measures 31 millimeters in diameter.

Individual pieces are available for £2.95 each, with quantity discounts available for as few as 10 medals and as many as 1,000 medals. Orders above 100 pieces will require additional lead time to fill. 

To learn more or order the medal, visit a special page on the dealer’s website. 

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