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CNG offering latest in Greek ancients handbooks

Collectors can now order the latest book in a series of “Handbooks” about Greek coinage published by Classical Numismatic Group.

Handbook of Coins of Northern and Central Anatolia, Pontos, Paphlagonia, Bithynia, Phrygia, Galatia, Lykaonia, and Kappadokia (with Kolchis and the Kimmerian Bosporos), Fifth to First Centuries B.C., is called volume No. 7 (though it is the fifth volume to be released), in a series being authored by Oliver D. Hoover.

It is the latest book being published from the “Handbook of Greek Coins” series of 13 intended volumes, each covering a specified area of Greek coinage. The project was conceived in 2008 to update the Greek coinage literature, as the hobby has changed greatly since the 1978 publication of Greek Coins and Their Values by David Sear (which was an update of an earlier work).

While Sear’s work is spread across two volumes, the new series requires a planned 13 volumes to encompass new material, list rarity information and “create a viable reference for the beginning and specialized collector,” according to CNG, publisher of the “Handbook of Greek Coins” series.

The series is designed to aid the user in the quick and accurate identification of Greek coins, while providing a cross-reference for each entry to a major work to aid the inquirer in researching the subject further, according to the publisher.

Subsequent volumes are scheduled to appear in the next few years.

The latest published volume in the series covers the territories of the Black Sea coast, beginning with the Kimmerian Bosporos and ending with Bithynia. The catalog then moves to the contiguous regions of the interior. Mints within each region are listed alphabetically, and coinage within each city is arranged chronologically, beginning with the archaic issues and continuing through the later civic issues in the name of Alexander.

Issues in this catalog are arranged with silver first, followed by bronze; within each metal category, the coins are arranged by denomination, largest to smallest. Both civic and royal coinages of these areas are covered.

The hardcover book is 352 pages in length. It retails for $65 plus shipping and handling, which CNG will confirm after customers place their orders.

To order the book, visit the firm’s website at, telephone it at 717-390-9194 or email it at ¦

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