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Chinese Mint artist designs 2014 medal for Macau coin expo

Organizers of a coin show in Macau are issuing commemorative medals to honor the Nov. 27 to 30 show. The medal's designs are shown here.

Images courtesy of the Macau Numismatic Society.

A medal being issued for the 2014 Macau Numismatic Society annual expo was designed by an award-winning artist from the Shanghai Mint Co. Ltd., and produced by that mint.

Yu Min, the designer of the 1983 Panda coin (which was awarded the Silver Coin of the Year award in 1985), designed the medal. The medal is the first numismatic show medal produced by the Shanghai Mint in nearly 20 years, according to show organizers.

The artist has designed more Chinese panda coins than all other designers combined, the organizers said. 

The obverse of the medal shows race cars from the Macau grand prix with the Macau landmark, the Ruins of St. Paul. An image representing the Year of the Horse appears on the grill of the first race car. A bilingual (Chinese/English) inscription gives the show name and dates. 

The reverse of the medal features two pandas sitting on large, coin-like discs, against a bamboo background, with the Macau Numismatic Society logo also included. Various inscriptions appear in Chinese or English.

A total of 10 two-ounce, .9999 fine gold medals are being issued, with 1,000 two-ounce .9999 fine silver medals being made. 

Serial No. 1 gold and silver medals will be auctioned during the Champion Hong Kong Auction’s Nov. 30 auction, with all proceeds benefiting the Macau Numismatic Society. 

To learn more about the medals, contact the auction house through its website

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