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Charlotte Coin Club holds 45th Annual Coin Show

The following is a press provided by the Charlotte Coin Club:

The Charlotte Coin Club (CCC) held its 45th annual coin show, February 13-15, 2015, at the Metrolina Expo Center, with a sold-out bourse of over 150 tables. Club president Jerry Sibjal said, “It is delightful to see the show do well after months of planning. We especially liked the “bourse buzz”, the drone and din of activity that was present throughout most of the show, with attendees having to excuse themselves to get past others in the 10 foot wide rows. The YN program received so many compliments as youngsters skipped down the aisles with ear-to-ear grins while doing the Treasure Hunt. I would like to say how proud I am of the Charlotte Coin Club volunteers in pulling off another great annual show.”

In addition to the many club members who assisted at the show, three Young Numismatists (YN’s) from the Charlotte club acted as pages on Friday (schools were closed) Saturday and Sunday, assisting the dealers with their needs.

Over 90 children participated in the Treasure Hunt, which featured tokens. Each participant had to find answers to six questions about Transportation Tokens, Hard Time Tokens, and Civil War Tokens etc. from dealers on the bourse. When the kids returned with the correct answers, they received a treasure bag with at least one type of token. Also included in the treasure bag were a complete Lincoln Wheat Cent folder 1941-1959, world and US coins, and paper money. Many received Whitman Red Books, if they didn’t own one.  Also included for the YN’s was a list of ANA and PNG programs they could participate in, such as: ANA — Coins for A’s, for children under 17; the Annual Literary Competition for ages 2-22; and the Ancient Coin Project; PNG — a scholarship to the ANA Summer Sessions and an internship for students 21 and older.

Many items used for the treasure bags, both for this show and for future shows, were donated by Charlotte Coin Club members and local and out-of-town dealers. Dealers were so pleased with the show’s attendance and their success that they generously donated to next year’s YN program. One such dealer contributed over $100 in supplies and silver. 

Donations from the public for supplies totaled more than $500 and will support the CCC YN program.

Raffle winners were announced every hour of the show, with a gold coin winner, as the grand prize, at the end of the day on Sunday.

Both grading services (ANACS and ICG) had a steady stream of customers throughout the show.

For more information about the Charlotte Coin Club, when and where it meets, a full list of YN programs and information on next year’s show, please visit

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