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CFA reviews designs for silver medal honoring Marines

Two obverse designs were favored June 18 by the Commission of Fine Arts for the U.S. Marine Corps medal, above, and one reverse design, background.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

Designs for a 2021 silver medal recognizing the U.S. Marine Corps were recommended June 18 by the Commission of Fine Arts. The panel considered 10 obverse and 10 reverse designs during its deliberations.

The CFA recommended two suitable obverses reflecting a general preference for a design emphasizing the personnel who serve in the Corps rather than the military branch’s weaponry. 

The recommended reverse depicts the Eagle, Globe and Anchor encircled by a rope border, from the Marine insignia.

The CFA considered the insignia-style design more simplified than an alternative design with a Marine camouflage pattern blanketing the field.

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