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CFA mixes designs for Law Enforcement commemorative coins

The Commission of Fine Arts Sept. 17 declined to recommend any proposed designs for the 2021 National Law Enforcement Museum copper-nickel clad half dollar, opting only to recommend designs for the gold $5 coin and silver dollar.

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee was scheduled to review the same designs during its two-day meeting Sept. 22 and 23.

The CFA considered seven obverse and seven reverse designs for the $5 coins, six obverse and eight reverse designs for the dollar, and 12 obverse and 12 reverse designs for the half dollar.

The enabling legislation, Public Law 116-94, the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020, includes provisions calling for the production and release combined in Proof and Uncirculated versions of up to 50,000 $5 coins, 400,000 dollars and 750,000 half dollars.

Design recommendations

The CFA’s preferred obverse for the $5 coin features a Caucasian male officer and female officer of color saluting. A rose represents a respectful tribute to those who served and sacrificed. The proposed obverse design was originally submitted for consideration for the obverse of the silver dollar.

The CFA-recommended $5 reverse depicts a law enforcement badge centered on a sympathy wreath. A single rose lies over the badge. The recommended reverse design was submitted for consideration as an obverse for the gold coin.

The recommended dollar obverse design depicts a pair law enforcement honor guards, one male and one female, solemnly presenting a folded flag in remembrance of fallen comrades. The design was originally submitted as a gold obverse.

The recommended reverse design, originally submitted for consideration as a reverse for the half dollar, features a laurel wreath with two stars, representing the idea of “To Serve and Protect,” the “goal of every law enforcement officer,” according to the Mint narrative.

The 24 proposed obverse and reverse designs for the half dollar can be viewed on the Commission of Fine Arts website at


The purchase price of each gold coin will carry a $35 surcharge; each silver dollar, a $10 surcharge; and each copper-nickel clad half dollar, $5.

The net surcharges, after the U.S. Mint has recouped all production and associated costs, are to be paid to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Inc., for educational and outreach programs and exhibits.

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