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Canada marks 1917 Battle of Vimy Ridge with coins

The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a 2017 circulating commemorative $2 coin honoring the Battle of Vimy Ridge 100 years ago. Specially wrapped rolls are available as part of the release, as well as a quarter-ounce silver $3 coin.

Coin images courtesy of the Royal Canadian Mint.

Canada has issued a circulating commemorative $2 coin to mark the centennial of a major engagement in World War I history.

The Royal Canadian Mint on Oct. 5 released the commemorative circulation coin honoring the Canadians who fought at the Battle of Vimy Ridge. This coin was unveiled at The Military Museums in Calgary.

In the spring of 1917, the Allies launched a new offensive on the Western Front, where all four divisions of the Canadian Corps were ordered to capture the heavily fortified Vimy Ridge. For the first time, regiments from all across Canada would fight side by side to secure victory, using an innovative tactic known as a creeping barrage.

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In April 1917, the Canadian Corps stormed the German-held fortress of France’s seven-kilometer-long Vimy Ridge. After four hard fought days, the Canadian soldiers seized the ridge.

Designed by Canadian artist Tony Bianco, the reverse of the circulating commemorative coin depicts the Vimy Memorial in France, flanked by a soldier in the World War I era and a contemporary veteran. Appearing beneath the image of the memorial, the word VIMY is engraved between the soldier and veteran.

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The obverse features the current standard effigy of Queen Elizabeth by Canadian artist Susanna Blunt.

In total, 5 million $2 coins have been produced and are being released through regular circulation channels. In addition, the coins can be obtained at the RCM’s boutiques, or through an online coin exchange here for Canadian residents only.

The RCM is adding to the historic commemoration of Vimy Ridge by offering two collector products.

The first is a roll of 25 of the coins in a specially designed wrapper. A total of 10,000 rolls are available, each containing a total of $50 and retailing for $79.95 Canadian.

In addition, the RCM has issued a Specimen quarter-ounce .9999 fine silver $3 coin designed by Canadian artist Laurie McGaw.

The reverse of the $3 coin features a frontal view of the iconic sculpture Canada Bereft, which is prominently featured at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, depicted further in the distance.

The $3 coin is available for order “while supplies last” for $19.95 Canadian online.

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