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Canada marks 150th anniversary with silver dollar

The Confederation of Canada formed 150 years ago, in 1867. 

The Royal Canadian Mint marks the anniversary of the nation’s founding on the Proof 2017 silver dollar coin, the newest issue in the annual series. A special gold-plated version of the dollar is also available, exclusively in the 2017 annual Proof set. 

Both versions feature a map of Canada on the reverse, in a design by Canadian artist Jamie Desrochers. Viewed from a unique perspective, the map of Canada has a distinctive multi-dimensional look as the viewer’s eye sweeps across the nation. The focal point is the large “150” at the center; superimposed on the map, the “150” is as large as the nature of the celebrations commemorating the 150th anniversary of Confederation. 

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Below it, the words CANADA, DOLLAR and the commemorative dates 1867–2017 are also engraved, in Heritage Canada’s official font for the occasion, alongside the Canada 150 logo of multiple maple leaves. 

Behind it all, Canada’s national flag is rendered with laser frosting that gives it an "ethereal" quality.

The Proof .9999 fine silver dollar weighs 23.17 grams and measures 36.07 millimeters in diameter.

It has an individual mintage limit of 20,000 pieces, and retails for $54.95 Canadian. 

The annual Silver Proof set offers Proof .9999 fine silver versions of all five special circulating commemorative Canada 150 designs, which were unveiled Nov. 4.

The set also includes a 50-cent coin bearing the official Canada 150 logo’s maple leaf mosaic, which represents Confederation. In addition the set exclusively offers the selectively gold-plated Proof silver dollar already mentioned. 

The gold plating “adds a rich, golden sheen to the rim and the ‘150’ engraved on the proof dollar, while frosting gives the flag an ethereal appearance—a visual representation of the immense national pride that fills the air during this special year,” according to the RCM. 

The Proof set is limited to an offering of 20,000 sets, and retails for $229.95 Canadian.

Classic Canadian Coin set

The standard annual Canadian coin set for 2017, or Classic Canadian Coin set as it is called, offers classic designs found nowhere else in 2017.

The Uncirculated set features 2017 versions of the definitive coin designs for denominations ranging from the 5-cent coin to the $2 coin. 

The annual set is the only way to obtain these coins, as they will not be released into circulation, according to the RCM. 

The set has a mintage limit of 75,000, each retailing for $24.95 Canadian.

Distributor Talisman Coins offers all three products at fixed prices in U.S. funds:  

The standard Proof silver dollar is available for $44.95.

The Silver Proof set, with selectively gold-plated silver dollar, is available for $169.95.

The Classic Canadian Coin set retails for $18.95 U.S. 

To learn more, or order the coins or sets, visit the distributor’s website

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