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Canada highlights hunter, hunted on small gold coin

The Royal Canadian Mint celebrates the hunter and hunted on the third small gold coin in the Predator vs. Prey series. The Arctic Fox appears with three of its prey, the lemming, Arctic Hare and seagull.

Images courtesy of the Royal Canadian Mint.

The hunter and hunted are joined together in the design on a 2017 gold coin from the Royal Canadian Mint.

The reverse of the Proof .9999 fine gold 25 cents — the third in a four-coin Predator vs. Prey series — features a design by Inuit artist Andrew Qappik.

His design reinterprets the traditional portrait of the Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) and presents it in a magnificent Inuit art style, ingeniously incorporating prey (an Arctic hare, a lemming and a seagull) and other animals into the predator’s profile. 

His design showcases the beauty of the stealthy hunter and its facial features in profile. It faces to the right, searching for its prey.

The four-coin series explores the predator and prey relationship of the Arctic fox and the Arctic hare in Canada’s far north, where the harsher climate necessitates unique adaptations that have set the two species apart. 

Earlier issues in the collection feature a traditional image of the Arctic fox (released March 1) and a traditional image of the Arctic hare (released May 3). The final coin in the set, with an Inuit design of the Arctic hare, is due for release Nov. 1.

Each Predator vs. Prey coin weighs 0.5 gram, measures 11 millimeters in diameter and has a mintage limit of 6,500 pieces.

All four are packaged in the RCM’s standard maroon clamshell box, but the four-coin subscription includes a wood laminate case complete with a built-in magnified display. 

This packaging permits owners a means to display their coins while offering a magnified view of the reverse of all four issues. This case is shipped with the third coin of the subscription program.

The coin was issued Sept. 6 for a retail price of $79.95 Canadian. It is available for $59.95 U.S. from distributor Talisman Coins.

To order, visit the Talisman Coins website

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