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Canadian Market Analysis: Values rising with modern, popular RCM issues

The Royal Canadian Mint continues to produce more than 100 different coins and sets each year.

Therefore, if you include all the commemorative singles out of these sets, you can add several hundred different items each year to Canadian Values. We will try to have all these updates completed in the months ahead.

In the new edition, values will be updated to reflect many changes in the sections covering modern RCM issues. Most of these prices are higher, as these issues remain popular and have been gaining demand from an increasing number of collectors and gift buyers.

The baby gift set issues have been extremely popular, with some sets now selling in the secondary market for more than $100, after an original issue price of $20. However, birth year sets have been sold for 50 years, so why wouldn’t these issues be popular? Additionally, the Canadian silver Maple Leaf series has been gaining in popularity, especially the Reverse Proof issues with privy marks and the colored maple leaves issues.

The dealer and collector community was excited by the Stack’s offering of the John J. Ford Jr. Canadian token collection at the American Numismatic Association Worlds Fair of Money in August. We had never seen more than a few “Sideview” tokens in one offering. This auction offered 31 pieces!

If you include the Bout De L’Isle tokens, the two Uncirculated Owens Ropery tokens, the Bouquet Sous half penny and the unique GOOD Vexator token, the Ford auction was thrilling!

However, that auction wasn’t the only major token offering recently.

Geoffrey Bell Auctions has been selling the John Temple Collection of Canadian tokens. This collection is the most complete collection of pre-Confederation and post-Confederation tokens ever offered. The second and third auctions took place in June and October, with feverish bidding on the seldom-seen rarities.

Prices for the good tokens have been setting new records! ¦


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