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Bullion coin sales show mixed results during 2023

Sales by the United States Mint of 2023 American Eagle gold bullion coins are edging closer to the number of gold coins sold by the Mint during the previous calendar year.

In the first nine months of 2023, American Eagle gold bullion coins sales reached 772,000 of the 1-ounce .9167 fine $50 coins; another 40,500 coins were sold during the first nine days of October.

2023 sales of the American Eagle half-ounce gold $25 coins totaled 88,000 coins from January through September, with another 2,000 coins sold in early October. American Eagle quarter-ounce gold $10 coins totaled 164,000 coins for the first nine months, with October sales thus far adding another 6,000 coins. January through September tenth-ounce gold $5 bullion coin sales totaled 575,000 coins, and another 10,000 coins were sold in early October.

In comparison, during all of calendar year 2022, the Mint recorded sales of 850,000 of the American Eagle 1-ounce gold coins, 75,000 of the half-ounce gold coins, 140,000 of the quarter-ounce gold coins and 575,000 tenth-ounce gold coins.

Silver American Eagles

American Eagle silver bullion coin sales the first nine months of 2023 total 18,635,500 coins, with another 785,000 coins sold in early October.

Sales for all of calendar year 2022 tallied 15,963,500 American Eagle silver bullion coins.

The 2023 sales are 2,730,500 coins ahead of all of 2022, with more than two months of sales still to be recorded.

Gold American Buffaloes

The number of American Buffalo 1-ounce .9999 fine gold $50 coins sold to distributors during the first nine months of calendar year 2023 reached 331,000 coins, and another 13,500 coins were sold during the first nine days of October.

Cumulative sales for all of calendar year 2022 totaled 410,000, with no sales reported for the month of December. The Mint tends to stop producing current-dated issues in December and convert production to the next year’s releases.

Platinum American Eagles

Sales of American Eagle 1-ounce .9995 fine platinum $100 bullion coins during 2023 total a mere 12,700 coins, with purchases in just the months of March, April, May and June.

During 2022, the Mint sold 80,000 of the American Eagle platinum bullion coins, with sales taking place only in the months of February, March, June, July and August.

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