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Bulgaria places upgraded 10-lev bank note into circulation

An updated 10-lev bank note was placed into circulation by the Bulgarian National Bank on June 12. The note honors the accomplishments of Dr. Petar Beron.

Images courtesy of Bulgarian National Bank.

An updated 10-lev bank note, worth the U.S. equivalent of $5.57, was placed into circulation by the Bulgarian National Bank on June 12.

Its design is similar to the note it replaces, with a portrait of the 19th century educator, Dr. Petar Beron on the face and a telescope and illustrations from Beron’s academic works on the back.

This is the fourth in a new series notable for updated security features that include two thick and eight thin lines as an additional mark for visually impaired people; a hologram stripe with optical effects; a security thread built into the paper; and a high resolution watermark of Beron.

The background color of the 126-millimeter by 70-millimeter note is green on beige tinted paper that is varnished after printing.

The issues of 1999 and 2008 will remain in circulation along with the new Bulgarian National Bank 10-lev bank notes, which are issue dated 2020.

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